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Lotto Men’s Slipper LS-6 Green/Red/Grey

Product Description
Colour:Space Grey
Product Description
Engineered to Work Better

Would you want to capture live images with your Smartphone? If yes, the all-new Apple iPhone 6s (Space Grey, 16GB) lets you to do so. This phone works more intuitively. The phone comes with an impressive design and all the latest features packed in it. Interestingly, it enables you to capture moments with motion as well as sound. And with Apple’s biggest and newest 3D Touch, this Smartphone is not just touch sensitive, but also pressure sensitive. It can easily identify the difference between a light tap and a firm tap and works accordingly.

Designed to Maximise Performance and Functionality
The Apple iPhone 6s -16 GB stands apart in a powerfully vivid way. The hardware and the software of this Smartphone together deliver a powerful and enjoyable experience. The level of integration between its A9 chip and iOS 9 makes your iPhone perform better and work more efficiently. So everyday tasks like browsing the web, using apps and taking photos becomes easier and faster with this phone. The A9 chip with 64-bit architecture improves the overall CPU performance of the phone by up to 70 percent and boosts the graphics performance up to an amazing 90 percent.

Create Lasting Memories with Live Photos
If you love to take pictures, you’ll surely love the iPhone 6s. It’s the most popular phone camera in the world which lets you take beautiful images to preserve your memories. And those memories can be now incredibly vivid with Live Photos, which is an all-new way to bring your still photos to life. This phone also lets you shoot smooth, beautiful videos in lower light. So whether it’s the impromptu dance, the first ride without stabilisers or a game-winning shot, now you can record those special moments in four times higher resolution than HD videos. In addition to photos, optical image stabilisation is now available for videos as well with the Apple iPhone 6s.

Most Durable in the Smartphone Industry
The smooth, continuous unibody design of the Apple iPhone 6s – 16 GB feels just right in your hand. It comes with a brand new Retina HD display screen which is made with the strongest and most durable glass ever used in any Smartphone. Alongside, the enclosure is made from 7000 Series aluminium, which is the strongest alloy ever used in an iPhone. No matter which size you choose to buy, with the stunning Retina HD display, your apps, photos and everything else will look vibrant and sharp. The high-contrast, dual-domain pixels, and accurate colours will ensure that whatever’s on your screen, you’ll love what you see.

From the Manufacturer
A breakthrough design. Pushed even further.

iPhone 6s – Take everything that made the previous generation great, and advance it to a new level. They’re made with 7000 Series aluminium, the strongest alloy we’ve ever used in an iPhone. They both feature Retina HD displays made from the strongest cover glass used on any smartphone in the world. And now they’re available in an elegant new rose gold finish.

Lotto Men’s Slipper LS-6 Green/Red/Grey

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